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Jan Swinburne is a Canadian artist whose intermedia practice processes digital and physical media. Her interests include unrecognized structural elements of language and place that are focussed on pattern recognition as paths to meaning by materialized audio/audio-visualization and moving-image de/re/generation. 


Some works evolve into larger site-sensitive installations and projects. An experimental approach to art is central to her practice. 


Swinburne’s digital work is oriented to meta-exposure, utilizing image de/re/generation and composing sound in the form of music/video-painting. Swinburne has collaborated with like minded international musicians and has screened in Brooklyn, New York City, (Experi-MENTAL Festival 6) New Jersey (Filmideo/Index Art Centre) , Washington DC (Auditory Learning Experience), Montreal (MUFF),Hamilton (Photophobia Contemporary Moving Image Festival)

and Toronto (Vector Festival, Art On The Screens, Trinity Square Video, Pleasure Dome NTW tour, Long Winter TV). And globally online via The Wrong Biennial.


Apart from creating original soundtracks, there have been collaborations with musician/composers: Ryan Campos, Philippe Gerber (JOHN 3:16), Oscar Finch (Venn Diagram) and Marco Fierro (Burstbot). 


Swinburne's music has been featured in The Wire Magazine's Below The Radar :::From A to U::: Alrealon Musique compilation CD and more recently Bad Alchemy Magazine “Trace Elements”, an Alrealon Musique Exclusive Compilation. In 2015 she signed with Alrealon Musique with her video remix project/EP Consensual Enigmas.

Jan Swinburne's work has been exhibited locally and select works have been exhibited internationally. Her work resides in various public and private collections.