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Jan Swinburne  A.O.C.A.





Graduate of the Ontario College of Art, 1984. Experimental Arts major. Honours standing.


Graduate of Dawson College (Montreal) 1980.

Arts Plastique major.





2019 Ontario Arts Council


2016 Ontario Arts Council


1999 Named co-recipient Arts Toronto Protégé Honours, commissioned by Ken Finkleman, media arts winner.




2016 “Fractal Frequencies” Gallery 1313, Toronto


2014 “It’s All About You” 24/7 Workman Arts/Shopper’s Drug Mart Window Gallery, Toronto


2010 “Grid Shadows” at Convenience Toronto.


2008 “Drubbings and Sublimations” Creative Spirit Art Centre, Toronto.


2000 Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival and Art Exhibit, Workman Theatre Project, Toronto.


1988 The Rivoli Club/ Weller Podovsky Gallery, Toronto.





2016 Sonic Seeing. With Jace Traz. Artscape Young Place, Toronto


2006 YYZ - YYZWINDOW. A special installation of the Lux, Ausculto series of paintings. Toronto.


1997 Show Gallery, Toronto.


1987 Gallery 76 “Affects” group exhibition, Toronto.





2023 UPCOMING June 26 2023 Sound Genres. Faculty of Fine Arts University of Victoria. Curated by Paul Walde.


2022 Sound Image 22 Stephen Lawrence Gallery. Greenwich, United Kingdom 


2022 Techspressionism: Digital and Beyond. Curated by Colin GoldbergSouth Hampton Art Centre NY.


2022 Diapause: Being Scene Annual Exhibition. Curated by Oliviana Cinco. Toronto.


2021-22 The Wrong Biennale. Online. @Artsubstitute Pavillion curated by Andres Manniste 


2021 Techspressionism21 Online. The Wrong Biennale @. Techspressionism21 curated by Colin Goldberg &Patrick Litchy


2018 Being Scene annual Workman Arts juried exhibition. Toronto.


2018 ScotiaBank Contact Photography Festival “Mindset


2018 Exposure” Artscape Young Place, Toronto


2017 Being Scene annual C.A.M.H juried exhibition. Toronto.


2016 Nuit Blanche “Navigating Wellness” New Adventures In Sound Art NAISA/ Workman Arts co-production.Toronto.


2011-2001 Being Scene annual C.A.M.H juried exhibition. Toronto.


2004 Creative Spirit Art Centre and VSA Arts Ontario, Arts Festival - John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto.


2003 Being Scene annual C.A.M.H juried exhibition. Toronto.


2002 The Lieutenant Governor General of Ontario’s Suites, Being Scene – A C.A.M.H.  Art Exhibit, Toronto.


2002 A Very Special Quest – Creative Spirit Art Centre and VSA Arts Ontario, Arts Festival. Toronto.


2000 New York Museum of Folk Art Tour, Creative Spirit Art Centre Toronto.


2000 Merging Special Exhibition on access, literacy, and language for artists with disabilities. Co-curator with Ellen Anderson, creative Spirit Art Centre for ASPACE Biennial Community Exhibition, Toronto.


2000 Creative Spirit Art Centre, Toronto.


1999 YYZ 20th Anniversary Membership Show, Toronto.


1998 Women Beyond Borders International Art Exhibit, Traveling group exhibition and collection, in association with the Women’s Art Resource Centre, Toronto.


1998 Painted City Gallery, Contact ’98 Festival of Photography, Toronto.


1998 Metro Hall, Open Doors/Open Visions, Woman’s Art Resource Centre, Toronto.


1997 Painted City Gallery, Toronto.


1984 Gallery 44 “The Summer Vacation Show”, Toronto.




2021 Long Winter Music and Arts Festival “CRACKERS”


2021Goddess Day online/Toronto “CRACKERS”


2020 RhizomeDC Queering Sound “LOVE IS A CODE” & “CRACKERS a brief history of code”

2020 Pleasure Dome: New Toronto Works program “CRACKERS a brief history of code” Tour: Paved Arts, Winnipeg Film Pool, Video Out, VIVO media, Lightbox Film Centre UofA PA


2020 Trinity Square Video: Protest Song “Whosoever Believeth”


2020The Wrong Biennial “Peregrination”online exhibition “Sonic Flight 1”


2019 Trinity Square Video "Summer Jam Screening" "TIME BLOCKS MTL 1975" Toronto, Ontario


2019 Art Gallery of Hamilton & Hamilton Artist's Inc.'s

Photophobia Contemporary Moving Image Festival "CRACKERS". 


2019 Montreal Underground Film Festival "CRACKERS" Montreal, Quebec


2018 Art On The Screens,"Requiem For Rothko" Mississauga, Ontario


2018 Toronto Media Arts Centre, "Requiem For Rothko" Workman Arts Annual Being Scene Exhibition. Toronto, Ontario


2017 Vector Festival" 7.24.12" and "Flying Grids", Toronto


2017 Rendezvous with Madness: 25th Anniversary 'De-Instute' Exhibition "The Divine Healer" Toronto, Ontario


2017 Rhizome DC: Auditory Learning Drone Festival, “LUMEN”. Washington D.C., USA.


2015 Open Screen, Nuit Blanche (renegade) at The White House: "Obey God", "5.2.12", "Consensual Enigmas" and "The Marks Of Sin"


2015 Classwar Karaoke Survey 0030: "The Absurdity"


2015 FILMIDEO 2015 Index Art Centre, Newark New Jersey "The Printer Becomes The Printer" with Kronfonika


2014 Experi-MENTAL Music Festival 6 at Spectrum NYNY: “IF THEN”


2014 Classwar Karaoke Survey 0026: “The Printer Becomes The Printed” with Kronofonika


2014 “God Is Light” with Philippe Gerber “God Is Light” with Philippe Gerber “The Divine Healer” with Philippe Gerber “The Divine Healer” with Philippe Gerber


2013 “Obey God” with Philippe Gerber “Obey God” with Philippe Gerber





2004 Contributor: “Difference/Indifference” Monument Washington, D.C.


1998 Contributor: “Women Beyond Borders”, International Traveling Exhibition.




2009 "Tested Mettle" CAMH Commission for the Paul Christie Community Centre



The Gerstein Centre, Parkdale Activities and Recreation Centre, The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Creative Spirit Art Centre.





2015 Signed to Alrealon Musique – Record label.


2013 - Adjudicator for Being Scene Annual Art Exhibition presented by Workman Arts and The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health with Sarah Millroy and Noa Bronstein.


2010 – Present Workman Arts: Visual Arts Advisory Board member. Visual Arts Intern


2002 – 2005 Workman Theatre Project: Founded and facilitated the Art People Association as a new program at Workman Theatre Project and The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. This service provides peer support and professional development to artists who use mental health services.


1995-2008 Art Facilitator with the Creative Spirit Art Centre: a non-profit oganization that provides support and exposure to artisis with developmental, psychiatric and physical disabilities


2002 –2003: Contributor to the programming of The Jean Simpson Studio at Workman Theatre Project, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.


1988-1991 Parkdale Activities and Recreation Centre: Facilitated an open studio program at Parkdale Activities and Recreation Centre, a case management and recreation centre for people with psychiatric disabilities and complex social issues.






November 2022 The Sonic Image: Sound, Speech, and Memory as Places out of Time. Sound Image 22 Greenwich University, Greenwich, England.


August 2022 Book Cover: Shared Musical Lives, Philosophy, Disability and the Power of Sonification by Licia Carlson.


May 2014 Contributor: The Big Art Book, Scarborough Arts


April 2012 Presenter: Extraordinary Minds: The Convergence of Art and Mental Illness in the 21st Century Art Gallery of Ontario and Workman Arts


January 2010 Book Cover: The Faces of Intellectual Disability, Philosophical Reflections by Licia Carlson


November 2006 Panelist: “Guy Maddin Retrospective” Rendezvous with Madness film festival, Produced by Workman Arts, Toronto.


March 2005 Presenter: “The merging Project – Linguistic Facility, Accessibility and the Arts” for “Artists and Disability: Transition and Change” curated by Pat Allemang, the Ontario College of Art and Design.


June 2004 Presenter: “Intention - Art Facilitation as an Inclusive Practice” for VSA Arts International Festival and Conference, Washington D.C.


May 2001 Contributor of the essay “Merging” to the book “Money Value Art” published by YYZ Books through YYZ Artist’s Outlet, a publicly funded artist run centre. The essay deals with accessibility for artists with disabilities within the arts community, and is an exploration of exclusion based on economic, linguistic and cognitive obstacles faced by many of these artists.





2019 "IF THEN" self published


2017 Alrealon Musique Exclusive Compilation for Bad Alchemy Magazine “Trace Elements”


2016 :::From A to U::: Alrealon Musique compilation CD included in the January 2016 issue of The Wire Magazine.


2015 Consensual Enigmas remix project (ARLN056) Alrealon Musique.