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Central to my interdisciplinary practice is a painter’s aesthetic and an experimental approach to materials and how form and structure act as a feedback loop for ideas. I work in video, audio, digital imagery, traditional painting and recently: CNC 3D relief rendering. 


A predominant theme is language transformed and encoded to create a sense of place, landforms, and/or audio-visual patterning.


Much of my recent work is concerned with creating waveform landscape imagery in stills, reliefs, and videos derived from spoken word audio. My broader digital subject matter includes image de/generation, meta-exposure, pixilation, glitch, noise, drones, visual and audio ambience, grid and organic forms in various combinations.  


I use audio waveforms, Morse code, and Piano Roll patterns as visual and audio coding to create multi-sensory and multi-media installations.


I have designed my current practice to work within a fractal/complexity/chaos/code-based method of creating work that presents morphology-as-meaning based on the implications that structure can unify disparate sensory experience.