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About The Installation


Fractal Frequencies is an exhibition of paintings and sound. Each painting is a unique work and also represents a unit of sound.


The installation pattern on the South wall of the gallery is structured in a Piano Roll form using the Morse Code sequence for the word “MUSIC __ .._ … .. _._.”  at the frequency A2.  That was the starting point for developing this exhibition. This pattern is then augmented with additional note-paintings forming visual chords that correspond to the audio created by myself and Philippe Gerber.


This exhibition is built around the aesthetic underpinnings of Fractals and Complexity Theory and the relationships between the use of visual and auditory properties of Morse and Piano Roll code.


The ultimate task of this exhibition is to compose chaos. Like all things in Nature, the expression of complexity is uniqueness constructed with recurring patterns.



Jan Swinburne is a visual artist whose interdisciplinary practice makes use of traditional and digital media. Swinburne approaches all media from a painter’s sensibility and this drives her aesthetic. At times her work mutates into large-scale, site-sensitive installations and projects.


Known locally for her visual arts, Jan Swinburne is visible in the New York City and Brooklyn underground experimental music and video scene via her association with Alrealon Musique record label to which she signed in 2015. Her sound work has appeared through The Wire, WFMU's Strength Through Failure with Fabio, The Chill Room and Little Water Radio.


For a sneak preview of our tracks click here:


Advanced Catastrophe Tenders Grace 2016. Acrylic and medium on board. H1'xW2'




JOHN 3:16 is Philippe Gerber, whose Heat From A DeadStar existed between 2004–09 and worked with Rick Harte / Ace Of Hearts Records in Boston. As JOHN 3:16, Gerber has released numerous works via Alrealon Musique, Flood Records, Little Crackd Rabbit Records, Lost children, 75orLess, White Label Music, Venus Aeon, Classwar Karaoke, Trace Recordings, The Wire and more. He has collaborated with artists such as Pas Musique, TheUse, Rasplyn, Anthony Donovan, Philippe Petit, I-Symptom,Eisenlager and Mark Harris.



FRACTAL FREQUENCIES was generously supported by: