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This spring I had the privilege of working with a fine group of artists for the sound installation  "Navigating Wellness" that is taking place for Nuit Blanche on on October 1st on CAMH grounds and is described as “A site specific sound installation reflecting lived experience of recovery and wellness.” Well, in life, everyone is navigating something. We had more than a few laughs. To have the opportunity to generate audio echoes of collective histories within such an ambivalent environment, was at times an exhilarating and daunting challenge for which I am grateful to lend my sonic presence to. The project is the brainchild of Workman Arts with New Adventures in Sound Art.


In a somewhat ironic and unintentional twist of logistics, both artists and project leaders names have been omitted from the official Nuit Blanche independent projects description. We are not a formal collective. We are individuals who came together for this project. These sorts of omissions happen, however in the broader context of the project’s aims of “reflecting lived experience” this oversight unintentionally speaks volumes to “lived experience”, to one’s relationships with over-shadowing systems, to disenfranchisement, to stigma and the seemingly endless situations of anonymity, either chosen, enforced or simply fumbled.


So I am taking advantage of this oversight to highlight our contribution, to speak to history, and to buffer any preconceptions about this omission by reclaiming our presence, and offering up our particular chorus of “Navigating Something”.


I hope you can make it out on October 1st to have a listen and perhaps have a moment.


We are:


Participating Artists:

James Buffin, Carrol Louie, Sarafin, Jan Swinburne, Lisa Walter & Kerry Westell


Lighting Design: David Sweeney


Project Divisors and Technical Support: Chris Mitchell for Workman Arts, Darren Copeland & Matthew Miller for New Adventures In Sound Art


And for a closer listen, you can check out our tracks here:


Art Is Hope.