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I have been truly honoured to sign with Alrealon Musique for the release of Consensual Enigmas.


"Alrealon Musique is proud to release the new EP from Canadian multi-artist Jan Swinburne
Jan Swinburne 'Consensual Enigmas' (ALRN056)
Limited Edition CD-R in a DVD Case (99 copies only) + Digital: 
$5.50 + $3.50 (USA)
$5.50 + $5.00 (Canada)
$5.50 + $10.50 (Rest of the World)
Jan Swinburne's CONSENSUAL ENIGMAS began as an art video inspired by the life and paintings of Francis Bacon. Through invitation, the work soon developed into a remix project of corresponding video iterations with audio track remixes by Ryan Campos, Marco Fierro and Philippe Gerber/JOHN 3:16, each lending their own unique voice to the spare original.
1. Consensual Enigmas (Original Mix by Jan Swinburne)
2. Consensual Enigmas (Ryan Campos Remix)
3. Consensual Enigmas (Marco Fierro Remix)
4. Consensual Enigmas (Philippe Gerber/JOHN 3:16 Remix)
with ryan campos, Marco Fierro, Philippe Gerber / JOHN 3:16 "

Art is hope.

Now back to the studio.