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Say Yes


Say Yes. Yes Yes Yes…


Or: How the Hobby Mutates.


“Hey I see you are giving your track away. It is so good.” What a gift. “I am just getting into making these glitchy videos; can I make one for your track as a way of saying thanks for making music that deeply touches me?”


I'm not sure artists have hobbies.


We said yes.


So here I find myself, a tech challenged outsider with a passion for sound and light and motion whose art is mutating in all directions. All I have ever hoped for from the universe is a chance to make stuff and get it out there, at any capacity. Everything else is gravy. Mmm gravy.


So stuff has happened. And it’s pretty neat.


I made this video called CONSENSUAL ENIGMAS . It is loosely inspired by the life and works of the painter Francis Bacon. I thought it would great to ask a few musicians I admire if they would like to remix the track.


They said yes. Yes.



I was incredibly honoured that Ryan Campos, Marco Fierro and Philippe Gerber said yes. And as it happens, the label Alrealon Musique said yes too and we are releasing the project as an EP, available here:


And a big shout out to All Real Sound for the mastering!




And FILMIDEO 2015 at Index Art Centre in New Jersey said yes too. THE PRINTER BECOMES THE PRINTED was screened in April along with an impressive line up of creators from around the world.

photo by Jim Tuite



A lot can happen with a yes. It’s my word of the day.