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I’ve been getting into creating videos in earnest over the last year or so as a means of working in a painterly manner that incorporates music/sound. I have always relied on music and sound for inspiration in painting, so diving into experiment with video feels like a natural progression.


On this journey I’ve managed to find an amazing community of artists via social media who have contributed to a feeling of homecoming like I first experienced upon meeting the instructors of the Experimental Arts program at the Ontario College Of art and Design University (formerly the Ontario College of Art).


Naturally, I was enormously pleased with the acceptance of my video IF THEN to the video night of the EMF6 festival; screened at Spectrum NYNY and curated by Jim Tuite. This year the music programming was curated by Robert L. Pepper (PAS Musique and founder/director) and Philippe Gerber (JOHN 3:16, Heat From a DeadStar, mNIPK).


There was an amazing line up of videos and performances that have provided me with an abundance of inspiration.


As someone new to EMF, I have to say the combined efforts of PAS Musique and Alrealon Musique infused the festival with a warmth and enthusiasm to bringing a wide range of individual expression to the public. Making events like this happen is a lot of hard work. The general goodwill was both obvious and refreshing to me especially since I was only able to attend the last two days of EMF6, when surely the core organizers must have been somewhat exhausted.


To quote the EMF6 Home Page: The festival is run by the Brooklyn based experimental audio/video project PAS Musique and Alrealon Musique. The festival focuses on new and innovative techniques of sound technique and performance. We are focused in developing a network of experimental arts that are supportive of their peers. It is not about ego but about community.”


I want to thank everyone for their creativity, kindness, generosity and determination in presenting this memorable festival.


Art is hope.

Now back to the studio.