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It was a pleasure to find out that these two pieces were published in The Big Art Book .


Jonas: You Are Loved


You are loved.

Jonas sat staring at the three words scratched in to the stainless steel on the side of the subway seat. His adolescent body tried to claim sleep as he lolled with the motion of the car. He watched the tiny words that were haplessly and willfully engraved pass in and out of darkness. This made his eyes as heavy as his heart. He had been made homeless for three days after his parents had discovered him. They had discovered “him” as if by accident through their hectic self absorbed fog. He had stopped any effort to hide himself a few years back, but for some reason they had only just made the discovery. The words felt like a beacon calling to him, a hope that would rise and fall with time and motion. There, scratched in steel, the intangible words seemed so permanent when he could see them, and so lost when he could not. He watched it for hours, slowly taking it in, tending to it.

That was the day he forgave his parents.


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