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Painting under glass is always a peculiar thing. After considering the site in terms of this theme, I was pleased when Workman Arts accepted this proposal for The Shopper's Drug Mart / Workman Arts Window Gallery.

We are a culture of convenience, the short hand experience. We hurriedly catch ourselves in the reflections of our environment between destinations.

I was curious to test these works that are anathema to this reality with this installation; a chance to play with ideas of content and reflection. Contemplation can happen in mere moments or over extended periods of time, but does it ever go any further than our own relfection? Or can it just be a fleeting experience amidst a lot of noise?

This is one aspect of the window gallery: that we may stumble upon ourselves but see something else, an unanticipated second layer of reflection. At least for a moment.

The exhibition runs until April 29, 2014. Located on Lower Ossington and Queen Street West. Toronto.