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It was well over a decade ago that Dr Licia Carlson asked to licence an image of mine for her book: 


“The Faces of Intellectual disability : Philosophical Reflections” 


And I was very happy to oblige, as her work touched on themes I was also thinking about when working as an art facilitator in the disabled community. I had written, and been thinking about: representation, visibility and access - especially intellectual access, while discovering that Licia’s book explored a number of these themes in Philosophy.


That was the first parallel.


A lot of time and life went by, as tends to happen. We have reconnected. And we have since discovered a second parallel…


It was a pleasant surprise when I heard from Licia to discover there was another book heading for publication and there was once again serendipitous parallel themes in our work, those being: sound, sonification, words, voice, voicelessness, adaptive technology, language as the method of place and the greater meaning-making of these as bound to aesthetics.


We discussed some potential images for the cover and easily settled on the image of one my current relief sculptures “TIME: Wander Lost In The Foothills Of Impasto.”


The cover image is from a very process driven body of work with an umbrella title of “Waveform Landscapes” whereby I translate spoken word of my voice - in this case: TIME - into 2D and 3D abstracted visualizations.


The emotive source for this body of work is my voice, and although heavily distorted through machines and hand-refinements, mysterious qualities of the word-sound remain. These attributes allow the manifest form to flourish in its associations and aesthetic qualities. The result feels somehow elemental, much like the paralanguage we engage in on a day to day basis that is, for the most part, unconscious.


I like to think that this underlying essence is where our ideas coalesce; where our serendipitous, yet differing approaches begin to question the notion that parallel lines never intersect.


Please check out Licia Carlson’s work. 


Shared Musical Lives: Philosophy, Disability and the Power of Sonification will be released August 2022



Art is hope.