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When I think of the ideas behind techspressionism in general, I am reminded of how even a clock holds emotive meaning, yet we proceed through life bound to these machines with nary a thought as to how they have altered our relationship to the sun as timekeeper. It takes artistic depiction to remind us of its impact. 


Moving image title: TIME: wander lost in the foothills of impasto
Dimensions: variable, 16:9 ratio
Materials: Digital video capture of sculptural relief, shadows and light.

Sculptural relief dimensions: W36”xH21”xD1”
Sculptural relief description: Machine and hand carved, sealed, medium density fibre board, acrylic paint and medium.
Sculptural relief title description:
Source: Audio: voice
Subject: word :TIME

Title: Wander Lost In The Foothills Of Impasto


When I think of techspressionism with regards to my own work, in this case an intermedia body of work that falls under project umbrella entitled Waveform Landscapes, the emotive source for this body of work is my voice: spoken words transformed from mind to body to air to digital audio recording to visual rendering through and by machines and then back to handworked objects then captured to moving image.


The forms depicted are novel but render patterns of places that feel familiar. Language is transformed to visual, silent, voicelessness (in the linguistic sense of sounds being pronounced without the larynx). The only hint of the word source is held within the title. It is a journey of solidification through materiality and a digital wandering, through still and moving image forms that I liken to songlines.


INTERNET SONGLINES is the moving image arm of the "Waveform Landscapes" umbrella project that links ideas of sound, language and place to serve the need for a metaphysical, perhaps ontological, way finding in an environment of screens. 


Through various means our emotive life finds its way to materiality through tools and machine processes, shifting human response algorithms along the way; the art becomes as fluid as our feeling states that were the source and the impetus to create them.