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The Internet really can be a wonderful thing. 


Through my blog on Tumblr I had the good fortune of stumbling upon the music of Ryan Campos there was a mutual appreciation for eachother's work and since Ryan had quite generously made his music available on soundcloud I asked if I could make him a video to some of his music because I felt we had an aesthetic simpatico and I wished to express my appreciation for the inspiration and pleasure his music has provided me.


I am still in the process of honing skills of the applications that I use to make videos as an extension of painting and have recently added a brief paragraph about this pursuit on my artist statement, so I was quite honoured when Ryan agreed.


The images are glitched up footage of a collection of current clips and many collected from over the years that loosley relate to the overaching themes of my work. The look and process is still evolving. When I have had sufficient time to evaluate their overall merit I will create a page on this website for the work. 


In the meantime, I will use this blog as a way of introducing this new pursuit.


I hope to venture into other collaborations in the future. In the meantime, please check out Ryan Campos music


You can watch the videos here: