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I think that sharing elements of one’s creative process can be useful to revealing a deeper understanding of the continuous dialogue between media and concepts that underpin the direction, obsessions and manifestations of the work one produces.


Although I have been collecting video clips and sound samples for a number of years now, I have not quite known what to do with them, other than to absorb them as references to the patterns and abstractions of substances that remotely manifest in my painting.


With the relative simplification and ease of use of certain apps, I have finally been able to start exploring what I consider to be an extension of painting through the medium of video. I work from the visuals and build the soundtracks from there. There has also been an underlying motivation to doing this as a means of adapting to some of the neurological and autoimmune limitations my physical environment has decided to impose on me in the last few years. So in essence, this is a creative adaptation. Limitations have their use.


As the learning curve of technology advances I have been posting my efforts on my YouTube channel and on other social media platforms (click-throughs are on lower left of the page). The aesthetic grows closer to where I want it to be. The production values are rough, in part because of knowledge limitations but more so because there is a bombardment of very highly resolved media on the Internet and that does not particularly interest me or serve my purposes at this time. I enjoy a balanced mixture of control and chaos put to good use.


I wanted to introduce the video Console to this blog by way of an introduction to this aspect of my creative process. Without any particular conscious intent to do so, this video captures much of the emotional landscape that is hard to name that occurs like a feedback cycle for me when I am working on a lux coda painting – so much of the mysterious and confusing qualities of the combined sensory input of light, substance and the music that I listen to (which is a broad spectrum of genres) has found it’s way into this video. Perhaps the title is what forms the strongest intent to describe what this process has become: a form of consolation – where drawing and handwriting have become painful and frustrating, I have turned to the console, to this medium, to paint with light and sound. This is what I do while the paint dries.


Art is hope.

Now back to the studio.


ps. A shout out to my Brother in-law Oscar Finch aka Venn Diagram for being a font of audio geekness advice extrordinaire.