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Even the blues have their use.

This is a wonderful piece on complexity...

These definitions are useful when pondering Lux Coda as it relates to organizing or disorganizing associations of meaning.


In the video “My Language”

A.M. Baggs demonstrates the valuation of personhood based on linguistic facility.


Knowing nothing about the video, the first few minutes drew an exasperated “primal performance art” sort of reaction from me until I realized there was more going on. It requires more from us.


“My Language” asks us to consider our bias of linguistic facility against other forms of communication. Considering that much of our communication is non-verbal, you would not think this would not be too difficult. We readily communicate with our pets and infants who have as yet to learn to speak, or by studying brain activity of people who are in chronic comatose states; we make the effort to learn a way of understanding, why would this approach not apply to anyone with language impairment? Baggs admits the irony that a linguistic translation was required in order to put forth this point. Even then, a few comments on the YouTube channel indicate the resistance to the notion. One is struck with the sense of consequence for people who fail to conform.


The argument is made that self-stimulation seen in autism is not communication as it does not involve an interaction with another person. I agree and I don’t. The question is deeper than what pragmatists’ desire.


To my mind this begs the question of how we experience the world through our senses. Is the conscious awareness of that not, at the very least, a communion with the deepest elements of the universe? The essences of what we are made of? As an artist, this makes sense to me. We use wordless language all the time for a variety of reasons. Most of our deepest connections are impossible to put into words. Words are mere approximations easily altered by inflection or syntax.


In thinking about semantic architecture from Bagg’s perspective I draw inferences towards the feedback structure of chaos theory through stereotypical behaviours acting through and upon one’s senses, if these do not form an expression of our inherent systems of knowledge and learning before abstraction; but with conscious awareness, they become abstractions through context.


There is much to think about with this offering from Baggs, but it may be most important that we consider our linguistic prejudices and the resulting consequences towards people who do not conform with the expectations of our society.


Cognition has the ability to enjoy loose and tight associations as part of the creative process. In thinking about Lux Coda as a system of both thought and aesthetic or asthetic-thought I am collecting relevant definitions as continued exploration of the work.


Coda and Code



Art is hope.

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Things have been shaping up on the website. Work continues in the studio as well as continued research for potential exhibition themes.


The dedicated twitter feed is also up and running here: .


I was delighted to find out that Morse supported himself by painting. I was unaware of this when I conceived Lux Coda.


"What hath God wrought", was the official first Morse code transmission sent on May 24, 1844. This is interesting to think about from secular, spiritual and historical viewpoints in relationship to the themes of code and complexity in the Lux Coda framework.

Back to the studio.

Art is hope.


Just a note to say that the construction of this site is under way. With numerous obstacles to it's creation now subdued, I am pleased to get on with the task at hand. 

I have decided to dedicate the focus of this site to the overarching concepts outlined in my artist statement. This amalgam of ideas and enthusiaisms has finally developed into a cohesive framework that was stimulated by my last solo projects. I am pressing forward with enlarging this current body of work with some parallel photo based augmentation / process pieces with the aim to find an exhibition venue in the near future.

For those who have followed my career I will include an archive of my early work at some point. Much of that work can be seen on my social media sites if one is feeling nostalgic.

Art is hope.

Now back to the studio.