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Say Yes


Say Yes. Yes Yes Yes…


Or: How the Hobby Mutates.


“Hey I see you are giving your track away. It is so good.” What a gift. “I am just getting into making these glitchy videos; can I make one for your track as a way of saying thanks for making music that deeply touches me?”


I'm not sure artists have hobbies.


We said yes.


So here I find myself, a tech challenged outsider with a passion for sound and light and motion whose art is mutating in all directions. All I have ever hoped for from the universe is a chance to make stuff and get it out there, at any capacity. Everything else is gravy. Mmm gravy.


So stuff has happened. And it’s pretty neat.


I made this video called CONSENSUAL ENIGMAS . It is loosely inspired by the life and works of the painter Francis Bacon. I thought it would great to ask a few musicians I admire if they would like to remix the track.


They said yes. Yes.



I was incredibly honoured that Ryan Campos, Marco Fierro and Philippe Gerber said yes. And as it happens, the label Alrealon Musique said yes too and we are releasing the project as an EP, available here:


And a big shout out to All Real Sound for the mastering!




And FILMIDEO 2015 at Index Art Centre in New Jersey said yes too. THE PRINTER BECOMES THE PRINTED was screened in April along with an impressive line up of creators from around the world.

photo by Jim Tuite



A lot can happen with a yes. It’s my word of the day.






I’ve been getting into creating videos in earnest over the last year or so as a means of working in a painterly manner that incorporates music/sound. I have always relied on music and sound for inspiration in painting, so diving into experiment with video feels like a natural progression.


On this journey I’ve managed to find an amazing community of artists via social media who have contributed to a feeling of homecoming like I first experienced upon meeting the instructors of the Experimental Arts program at the Ontario College Of art and Design University (formerly the Ontario College of Art).


Naturally, I was enormously pleased with the acceptance of my video IF THEN to the video night of the EMF6 festival; screened at Spectrum NYNY and curated by Jim Tuite. This year the music programming was curated by Robert L. Pepper (PAS Musique and founder/director) and Philippe Gerber (JOHN 3:16, Heat From a DeadStar, mNIPK).


There was an amazing line up of videos and performances that have provided me with an abundance of inspiration.


As someone new to EMF, I have to say the combined efforts of PAS Musique and Alrealon Musique infused the festival with a warmth and enthusiasm to bringing a wide range of individual expression to the public. Making events like this happen is a lot of hard work. The general goodwill was both obvious and refreshing to me especially since I was only able to attend the last two days of EMF6, when surely the core organizers must have been somewhat exhausted.


To quote the EMF6 Home Page: The festival is run by the Brooklyn based experimental audio/video project PAS Musique and Alrealon Musique. The festival focuses on new and innovative techniques of sound technique and performance. We are focused in developing a network of experimental arts that are supportive of their peers. It is not about ego but about community.”


I want to thank everyone for their creativity, kindness, generosity and determination in presenting this memorable festival.


Art is hope.

Now back to the studio. 


It was pleasant news to have my video collaboration with Kronofonika, "The Printer Becomes The Printed" included in this year's Classwar Karaoke survey.


To view this year's video survey click here: 


"Founded in 2008, Classwar Karaoke is a label dedicated to the release of experimental music and short-films; principally, by means of a series of ongoing quarterly surveys, made available via this page & hosted by sites such as the FMA Free Music Archive, Internet Archive, Facebook, under Creative Commons license 3.0."

Find out more here:

To check out the unique sounds of Kronofonika check them out here

Art is hope.

Now back to the studio.

It was a pleasure to find out that these two pieces were published in The Big Art Book .


Jonas: You Are Loved


You are loved.

Jonas sat staring at the three words scratched in to the stainless steel on the side of the subway seat. His adolescent body tried to claim sleep as he lolled with the motion of the car. He watched the tiny words that were haplessly and willfully engraved pass in and out of darkness. This made his eyes as heavy as his heart. He had been made homeless for three days after his parents had discovered him. They had discovered “him” as if by accident through their hectic self absorbed fog. He had stopped any effort to hide himself a few years back, but for some reason they had only just made the discovery. The words felt like a beacon calling to him, a hope that would rise and fall with time and motion. There, scratched in steel, the intangible words seemed so permanent when he could see them, and so lost when he could not. He watched it for hours, slowly taking it in, tending to it.

That was the day he forgave his parents.


For more Jonas pieces and other musings, feel free to check out my notes at


Art is hope. Now back to the studio.




Painting under glass is always a peculiar thing. After considering the site in terms of this theme, I was pleased when Workman Arts accepted this proposal for The Shopper's Drug Mart / Workman Arts Window Gallery.

We are a culture of convenience, the short hand experience. We hurriedly catch ourselves in the reflections of our environment between destinations.

I was curious to test these works that are anathema to this reality with this installation; a chance to play with ideas of content and reflection. Contemplation can happen in mere moments or over extended periods of time, but does it ever go any further than our own relfection? Or can it just be a fleeting experience amidst a lot of noise?

This is one aspect of the window gallery: that we may stumble upon ourselves but see something else, an unanticipated second layer of reflection. At least for a moment.

The exhibition runs until April 29, 2014. Located on Lower Ossington and Queen Street West. Toronto.

It's been busy in pixel-land over the last few months. Here are some new collaborations with much thanks to Kronfonika and Philippe Gerber and all the great folks at Alrealon Musique.







Introducing yet another wonderful collaboration experience with Philippe Gerber.


Philippe Gerber/JOHN 3:16:




Art is hope. Now back to the studio. 

I was very pleased not only to come across the music of Philippe Gerber, but to be granted permission to create videos to his music.


The moving, abstracted, primal sound declarations of Obey God had captured my attention from the start and I was hoping that I would be able to use the glitched up imperfections that I am drawn to in my previous videos to accompany this sound.  


This is the result.



I look forward to creating other videos of JOHN 3:16 in the near future, and continuing collaborations with musician/composer Ryan Campos as well as improving my on my own emerging video/sound work.


You can view a selection of these works my homepage by clicking on MENU > AUDIO-VISUAL or hit the YouTube icon in the lower left corner of the page.


I feel very grateful for the inspiration.


Back to the studio.

Art is Hope.

I was pleased to finally find some music for the following video after sitting on it for about two years. It was made more special by coming from Venn Diagram aka Oscar Finch aka my brother inlaw because we shot this together at Pearson International Airport in Toronto (YYZ) when he was departing from his first visit to Canada and returning to Australia. Soma Redux is a wonderful piece of music that sits well with the image. I could not be more pleased to have permission to share it.



You can find more of Oscars music here:


Footage from the sculpture by Ingo Mauer Earthbound...Unbound 2003